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We are based in Coimbatore, India and our Web Solutions comprises of Websites Designing, Redesigning outdated sites, E-Commerce Applications Designs, Web Applications Designs, Online Shopping Sites, Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, SEM, Content Management System, Domain Registration, Web Hosting and Maintenance, Integration with Social Medias like facebook, twitter, etc. Our applications of apt technology for the right requirement makes the application work for you perfectly. From Coimbatore we serve the globe. Brief about the sevices are given below.

Website Designing

A Website is a collection of Web Pages. Good knowledge of layout sense, colour consciousness, insight towards, desire to learn about the products and services, valid coding, proper alignment, up-to-date industry knowledge, understanding clients exact requirement, are few things that make your website work for you.

We work out a detailed plan which will show what to describe, what images to display, which layout for which service or product, etc. Not only providing the proper information and representations will help a website to give good returns, but also avoidance of inappropriate materials and depictions are to be equally considered.

Redesigning outdated websites

Any website that was designed a year ago or so definitely needs a facelift, no matter where it is designed, whether in India or abroad. The rapidly changing technology and technical specs make this almost mandatory. We help you to identify the exact changes needed in content, design, coding validation, etc and redesign your old websites to a brand new one that will work for you.

The search engines are updating their algorithms and strategies often in selecting and displaying the queries they receive. To cope up with this and to stay atop a redesigning process becomes vital. As Winston Churchill rightly said 'To improve is to change, to be perfect is to change often' we have to change our layout and design to stay in the top.

Simple static websites can be redesigned as dynamic Websites, outdated designs and technologies can be updated and new trending design can be done, ordinary websites can be made search engine friendly with latest techniques. Almost any website that is redundant can be redesigned and given life, across the globe from India.

E-commerce Applications

As per the specific requirement of the client ecommerce applications can be developed. For those who need quick and cost effective ecommerce web applications, installation and customization of open source applications like Opencart, Magento, can also be done. The open source applications have their advantage over tailor made and custom build have their own advantages over these open source applications. Both are neither inferior nor superior to each other.

Websites Maintenance

Web Maintenance can be termed as all or part of the following
  • -- Edit, revise, update or create minor text or graphical content to the existing design.
  • -- Modifications in the internal links as well as external links.
  • -- Monitoring and updating to the performance of the websites.
  • -- Information about hosting and email space usage.
  • -- Generating sitemap to handshake with search engines.
  • -- Backup the codes, images, scripts, and database and restore in any unforeseen circumstances.
  • -- Monitoring the site's functionality and providing suggestions for any upgrade, if necessary.
  • -- Integrating your websites to your social network pages.
  • -- Inform well in advance about maintenance schedule of web servers.

Web Hosting

Our state-of-the art Hosting Servers in India and aborad provides you risk free hosting which provides 99.99% uptime. Windows Server or Linux Server, Indian Data Centre or US Data Centre, Plesk panel or cPanel, Unlimited Space or Budget Hosting, the choice is yours. The cost depends on your selection. The package of Domain Registration, Website Designing & Maintenance with server space will definitely give you a huge savings in India.

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Websites Designing and Redesigning and Digital Marketing in Coimbatore, South India

Though we are based in Coimbatore, India, our Service of Websites Designing, E-Com Applications Designing, Online Shopping Sites Designing, Social Media Integration, Digital Marketing, SEO, is not restricted to Coimbatore city. We have already extended our designing service worldwide directly and also through our associates in India and in several countries.