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Your search for Web Designing and Website Designers in
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Our Services

Web Solutions
Our Web Solutions comprises of Web Designing, Redesigning of outdated websites, Mobile Website Designing, E-Commerce Applications Designs, Web Application Designs, Designing Responsive Websites, CMS Websites Designing, Online Shopping Sites Development, Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, promoting the site through Organic Search, Domain Registration, Web Hosting and Maintenance, Dedicated and Shared Servers, Business Mails services, Creating Social Media Pages and integrating Social Medias like facebook, twitter, linkedin, google+, youtube, etc. READ MORE
Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing offer a sophisticated way to market your products across the globe, with good response in an easy way. As the usage of Personal Computers, Laptops, Palmtops, Tablet PCs, Smart Phones, has leaped this is the best suitable option for product or service promotion. Not only the usage of gadgets, usage of technologies like emails, and other such applications are the winning edge of this. A recent survey has confirmed that the online sale conversion of potential customers using handheld devices are increased many fold, when compared to previous year. READ MORE
Search Engine Optimisation
Any site without optimisation is merely a dummy piece which is mostly of no use. Our Search Engine Optimisation includes research of keywords both primary and secondary, On-page and Off-page techniques, submission to directories, Forums, Blogs, Integration to Social Media Websites, optimised layout designing, search engine friendly coding, etc. are to name a few. Different search engines will use different algorithms and they change their approach without any specific time schedule. So optimisation is a continuing process and does not end anywhere, anytime and at any point. READ MORE

Web Packages

Basic Web Pavkages

Static Websites are the combination of several web pages. Mostly the information provided in these types of websites are constant and fixed like simple text, images and animations. Although changes can be done at any time whenever we wish, it is a manual process. No programming or functions are done in static websites. Fast loading is the main advantage of static websites. To begin with to have a website contact us, we will provide you a perfect design.

Responsive Web Pavkages

Dynamic websites changes itself automatically based on the interaction it has with the viewer. The pages are programmed in such a way it has to change according to the viewer's query. We use php, pear and ruby to program the websites to be dynamic. Based on the user's search within the site it changes itself to present the requested, related and relevant information. To provide instructions to the websites we use DHTML and JavaScript in our design.

cms  Web Pavkages

Websites with Content Management System (CMS) enables any person, even a non-domain expert to change the text, images, videos, etc of the site very easily, but with proper authorisation. Anyway the initial layout and design has to be done by a web professional. In current trend, not only in Coimbatore or in India, people throughout the world prefer to have a CMS Website considering its advantages. The time to wait or depend on a designing expert for even small modifications is gone in this.

Mobile Web Pavkages

Mobile Websites facilitates a viewer to access it in any hand held device like smart phone, tabletes or tabs, eslates, ipads, epads, etc. with ease by way of displaying readable text and appropriately viewable images. The responsive design will automatically change the websites to display perfectly in the output device in which it is viewed, but existing static websites will not change. In Coimbatore we assist you to have a mobile web in line with your existing static site.

Ecom  Web Pavkages

A website that facilitates all options to sell your products and accept payments online is called as an ecommerce website. The design will have a shopping cart where you can add the products you wish to buy. During checkout you can check again your products selection and if you decide to make any changes you are free to do. The products will be delivered at your doorstep. In Coimbatore we design eCommerce websites for competitive price.

Why Kiran ITES, Coimbatore for Website Designing ?

Since 1997, Kiran ITES is one of the pioneering web solutions providing companies in Coimbatore. As well know to everyone, Coimbatore which is called as the Manchester of South India is the fast emerging technology hub in the country's southern part. We transfer the advantages of our designing experience of more than 18 years to our clients directly. Our young and energetic web designers and graphic designer in Coimbatore will deliver the exact requirement of our clients. Our designers are kept updated to the technology and trends.

As Charles Darwin said, 'It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change', we have modified and moulded ourselves, so that we can fit into the client's expectations and bring out their exact expectations. The Layout Design from our designers will provide the viewer easily what they are exactly searching for. Our satisfied customers are the best testimonial for our designs, work and every service.

Contact our Coimbatore office for the perfect blend of technology, creativity, and quality Web designing service. We will provide you with apt suggestions, best options and successful products and superior design services. It's inessential to say that our designs and services are not restricted to Coimbatore or delimited to India, so anyone even out of India also can reach us by the various available means and we are ready to offer our designs and services. We go with MAKE IN INDIA - Coimbatore to the World - Indian designers with International designs.




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