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Coimbatore is one of the top cities to houses many technology-based companies in Tamil Nadu. Coimbatore, once famous as a Textile City, is now termed as Tech City. Kiran ITES, which is currently the best ITES company in Coimbatore, is the pioneer in Coimbatore's web solutions providing companies.

We set our foot into the ITES industry way back in the year 1997. We began providing our internet related services from the same year when dial-up internet connection was introduced by VSNL in Coimbatore.

Over the past 26+ years, as the best ITES company in Coimbatore,

  • We have gained goodwill. As the pioneer in Coimbatore and by providing well-designed websites to our clients, we have earned a strong reputation.
  • We have a talented workforce who is energetic and is always ready to take on learn and take up new tasks. Our employees are the face of our company‚Äôs growth.
  • We have built a good workspace. Employees are given free hand, encouraged to share their ideas and given the space to implement it.
  • We have improved our designing style and techniques. As time progresses, trend and technology changes. And we too have evolved with time.
  • We have built a vast customer base with clients all around the world. Our patrons who have supported us all these years for our website designing and development services. 88% of our works come from referral only, which is the clear result of great customer satisfaction.
  • And we still continue to learn new things every day.

That is how we became the best ITES company in Coimbatore.

Website designing, website redesigning, web application development, e-commerce website development, web portal development and digital marketing are some of the services we currently offer.

  • Our Vision ~ To use latest technologies to support our clients to scale high in their business.
  • Our Mission ~ To educate and enable our clients to reap the huge benefits out of the World Wide Web.
  • Our Motto ~ To exactly visualise our client's thoughts
Kiran ites mission and vision

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