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web portal development in Coimbatore

Web portals are becoming more important for companies as they streamline its operations, improve communication, collaboration and customer experience which leads to greater efficiency, cost savings and revenue growth.

The purpose of web portals is to provide a break from the wide internet and provide personalised content. So, it should be done properly to hold the attention of the users. But do not worry too much because we are the best web portal development company in Coimbatore and we are here to help you.

A web portal is a personalized web application that helps in the picking and displaying well-integrated information from selected sources. In simple terms, it is just a specially designed website for a specific target that provides information gathered from many sources. Job portal websites are a very prominent kind of portals that is widely used.

Unlike a website, most web portals are not publically accessible. Instead, they are located in a private location on the internet which can be accessible with a unique URL, unique username and password. Therefore, only members of the web portal having access can see the content of the web portal.

A web portal is preferred when you want to provide personalized content to your intended audience and you need control over what your audience views. An organisation having a large number of systems can use web portals to bring them together into a single visual design. Business process can also be automated with the portals.

An organisation gets many benefits out of the web portals like betterparticipation, access from anywhere, improved communication, improved productivity, increased interaction, centralisation and live data sharing. Even individuals can gain a lot from a portal, like knowledge sharing, one-point source, etc.

Web portals can be broadly classified into two groups – Horizontal portals and vertical portals.

Horizontal Portal

Horizontal portals are aimed at a community and not a particular interest or topic. They are mostly public portals which have open access to common data. Registered members can login and look for the information they need.

Vertical Portal

Vertical portals are mostly developed for specific target audience of an organisation. They are developed with limited topics or specific subjects. The organisations provide login to their employees and management with differentlevel of access to the data. Vertical portal is also targeted for niche markets. If people working in the same field or people with similar interests having a portal for their group, it is a vertical portal.

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